PRODUCER TIP: Scales in Ableton

Just a quick little Ableton tip I’ve always used for when you know the scale/key of a track you want to write/remix. Assuming you’re like me, and suffer a bit on the music theory side of composition, here’s a great little way to play with notes and chords, while keeping to a scale using Ableton.

First of all, create a new midi clip, and draw in small notes along the left-hand side (outside of the playable loop) in the scale you want, and copy/paste it up a few octaves… Then just hit the “FOLD” button.

And you’re done!  Now any note you draw in on the screen, will always be within that chosen scale.  Makes life a little easier sometimes 🙂

For demonstration purposes, I’ve chosen the scale of A Major below, and thrown in some notes/chords:


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