New Studio for 2015 – Part 3

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So another couple of weeks later, and I finally have a small but functional control room set up (kind of)!


As you can see, it’s a fairly small room to start, but due to it being winter and the building being poorly insulated, my initial designs allow me to get a working control room with good acoustics to be able to start work while the rest of the building is prepped.


All a bit basic and thrown together for now, as I have some project work to do, and still haven’t finalised the design of my desk and equipment layout, and I know that this is just to allow me to get some work done for a few months until I start phase 2 of the build (much bigger room).


I’ve also done some room tests and here’s he waterfall graph…

rew 1

As I hoped for, the acoustics are actually pretty darn tight, all things considered. I’ll need a little bit of trapping for the 40Hz area, but I’m happy enough with this to start working again.


Watch this space for more updates soon…