New Studio for 2015 – Part 2

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So it’s been a couple weeks since my last post, and the building has come on leaps and bounds!

After I’d designed the initial building layout, it was really just a case of researching the different building materials, working out how to build walls, and then just ordering the parts.

Something worth noting here, as I’ve been posting a few pics along the way on my Facebook page etc, a few people have pointed out that I’m only using normal building materials (I.E. plasterboard) rather than acoustically treated ones (I.E. Knauf Soundshield Plasterboard). As I mentioned in my previous post, I chose this building because it’s on a light-industrial estate, and there are several band rehearsal rooms and recording studios around too. Add to that, the fact that the focus of this studio will be electronic sound-design and post-production audio for TV and film, I came to the conclusion that sound isolation and sound-proofing wasn’t a major concern overall. I kept this in mind when designing the overall layout, so that the recording booth will always be at least three rooms away from external walls, and only the booth would have intense sound isolation. This allowed me to keep initial budget costs down dramatically.

So… Step one was build a “practise” wall, which was going to be the back wall covering the huge window, since the glass is far too reflective and it’s also bloody freezing! (I’ll get to heating the place at a later date… somehow).


Pretty simple wooden frame.


I filled the wooden frame with 100mm mineral wool insulation for obvious reasons.


There’s the back wall done.

Looking at the final picture above, the camera is essentially in what will be the recording booth, and I’ll be installing a door to the far left before separating the control room and recording booth.

More to come…