New Studio for 2015 – Part 1

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As the title suggests, I’m moving to a new studio space for 2015. After searching for commercial spaces in the area, and browsing all sorts of places from fully furnished offices, to cabins in a field, I decided on a light-industrial estate. The reasons are mostly personal (near my home etc), but this particular trading estate is about 2 minutes from the M4 motorway, and already has several other recording studios and rehearsal spaces within the grounds, so I knew it would suit.

Once I’d narrowed down the location, I chose a space offering 100^2m of floor space, but was already split into various sized rooms and levels by previous tenants, which meant I’d need to start a new build from scratch inside.  This place used to be an old biscuit factory, and there’s various types of light-industrial work going on here, but since it’s not excessively noisy, I won’t need to worry too much about complete sound isolation in the control room.

Since this is my first ever build, I thought I’d start this blog, so that others can learn from my inescapable mistakes 😉

Here are some pictures from when I’d moved some boxes of stuff in…


The main space, where I’ll be building my Control Room and a small isolated recording booth.



The kitchen and W.C.


The front room, most likely to end up being an office space.

IMG_7400The mezzanine above the Control Room space.


The corridor running alongside all rooms.


Upstairs from the corridor, ideal for storage.

As you can see from the pictures, there’s a metric fucktonne of work to do, and since I’m dealing with 4m high ceilings there’ll be a lot to consider in terms of acoustics too.

However, after much deliberation, here are the basic floor plans I cam up with…


Basic floor plan


Floor plan in 3D, looking down from above the control room.


Again, but from above the front room.

Watch this space…