Mix Engineering

Although there is an impressive list of both digital and analogue processing equipment from Audient AD/DA converters, EventFocal monitoring systems, UAD-2 processing, and outboard gear from Alesis, dbx, SPL, Pultec, ,and even some custom valve/tube pre-amps at disposal, the most highly regarded tools of the mix engineer, are his ears. With over 15 years of industry experience and knowledge, including feature tutorial sessions on the front cover DVDs for Future Music Magazine and Computer Music Magazine, and public lectures at Producer Sessions Live in Manchester and London, Dom Kane has experience that money can’t buy. With previous mixes being signed to Ministry Of Sound, Global Underground, Whartone, Black Hole, Selador, Mau5trap, Fat!, Skint, Stealth, Main Course, Enchufada, Pacha, and many more, it’s no wonder there’s high demand for his expertise.

Get your mixdown sounding how you want it, with a professional finishing touch.  Prices are £175 per song (non-vocal only), with additional £75 for vocal stems mixing (mixing vocals are almost an entirely separate mix job when done right). Discounts are available for EPs and albums.  This price also includes a 16 bit 44.1k master as well as the 24 bit 48k pre-master.

All pre-master files are required in 24bit 48kHz audio files (.wav or .aif), with levels peaking no higher than -6dB.  For more information, or to book a session in, please use the email address at the top of this page or the form provided on the contact page.  Payments are not required until a sample of your work is approved by you.  PayPal and Bank Transfer payments are accepted, otherwise all major debit and credit cards are accepted at the Kane Audio facility.