5 Tips For Getting Featured On Beatport

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So you have a new release and want it to be featured on Beatport. Get ready! There is a lot of competition, but the good news is that it can all happen with some consistency and good music. Here are some simple yet effective ways to increase your chances of being featured on the coveted site.

1. Plan ahead.

Planning ahead is VITAL to be considered for a feature. All banners that you see on the site are actually planned weeks ahead. So remember to deliver your release 4 weeks prior to it being live and communicate to your distributor all your marketing efforts,to be able to relay these detail to retailer. Stores like Beatport want to know what you’re doing to promote your music, and the likelihood of it selling well. If you’re a distribution client of ours, make sure to complete the “Featured Release Form” located in the content portal and include the following details:

*Amount of Fans Artist has
*Amount of fans Label has
*DJ Support
*Marketing efforts done
*Expected sales
*Charts (Great tool to promote your sound to fans and Beatport users)

2. Look the Part

Branding is KEY in today’s music industry. People need to recognize you, recognize your work, and recognize the footprint you leave behind you. In short: be memorable.

“Your listeners do not consume your music. They consume your brand that in the process creates their identity”

We cannot stress this enough: This is your music’s first impression, so spend some quality time on this. With that said, make sure to get a high quality release cover. Everyone sees the cover art before they hear the music. Not only will Beatport judge it – all the blogs will. It should draw full attention. This will not only help you get more fans, but Beatport will see you have taken the time to get some cool art work and have a strong branding effort.

Artwork these days as important as the music and can be the breaking factor to whether its get a feature / banner / position etc. Use smart design principles. Get help from a professional graphic designer if need be, we can also help you design your release.

3. Solid Sound

Today, there is so much music that is being pushed, so its important that you take the time to do a GOOD record. Be patient and really dedicate time to polish your sound. Creating a final product that you can be proud of will but will also help you promoting it as well, because you KNOW its a great track. With tools like Promo Mailers, such as the one Symphonic Distribution offers to their clients for free, you can send your tracks to taste-makers and other DJ’s to get feedback and reviews. Use these tools to your disposal and to help you improve your production!

4. Promoting & Social Presence

First things first, make sure that all the social networks that you do decide to use and promote your music and brand are up to date….if you aren’t using it, close the account! Remember to include in social networks that you go with the links and details of all your other social networks, that way fans can find alllll your information with ease. Beatport and other retailers do their research and they will support someone that has a solid AND a well-branded social presence.

Once you are ready, promote like a MAD MAN! Reach out to blogs, get support from friends and other producers, make sure the label and artists are promoting as well, do charts, have DJ friends do charts as well. Start conversations and follow up! We’re in the music business so think outside the box, think of different ways to promote, USE all the tools at your disposal to make it happen!

In addition, Beatport’s best indicators that your release will sell well is the amount of plays your release has on Soundcloud. Work on getting as many REAL plays as possible.

Join Soundcloud groups to help get more traction as well.

5. Follow Up!

Once you’re done, with that round, of promotions, then do it all over AGAIN! The music industry is all about establishing relationships and FOLLOWING UP! So make sure you are building a solid network of contacts that will support your music.

Make sure that any coverage you do get while you’ve been promoting, you actually communicate it to your distributor and in our case, marketing@symphonicdistribution.com, at least a week in advance, so we are able to communicate to the specific genre managers. Beatport unfortunately does not send us notifications about the releases they select for features, so we suggest you review the various pages of Beatport on release week to see if your release was selected.

Best of luck and hit us up if you have any questions!

By Janette Berrios
Marketing Manager, Symphonic Distribution